Odds and Ends

A collections of poems I wrote over the years.

Lazy Christian

Lazy Christian so full of self.
The bible sits under dust on the shelf.
No time to read, no time to pray.
But we won’t miss that favorite TV program each day.
Our thoughts are filled with meaningless things,
While our Savior’s words we are ignoring.
Oh, how pale are the substitutes of man’s inventions
Compared to the splendor of God’s inspirations.
We cherish the benefits salvation brings
But neglect to study this new life we are in.
Wanting to be fed, pampered and led.
We grow tired and weary when asked to move ahead.
When will we learn it will all fall away,
When in front of Jesus we will stand one day?
So, take heed Christian, before it’s too late
Sow seeds of eternity now, don’t wait.
The days go by quickly so it’s time to begin
To study the Word and grow closer to Him
So, turn off the TV and dust off the Book
And give God’s timeless Words a good hard look.

By Charlene

Overnight Express

 Hurry, hurry, we’re all in such a hurry. 
No time to wait, our lives in quite a flurry. 
Food is nuked or comes from Mac. And often eaten in the car from a sack. 
Send it express, the caller will say. I want it now, or better yet, yesterday. 
Lord, we pray, we need Your best. But please send it by overnight express. 
I need more of you.  I want to grow. And I want to learn how to sow. 
But my life is so busy, I have no time to wait. So please send me what I need by overnight freight. 
I’m anxious to learn how to spend time in prayer. So please send me instructions by overnight air. Lord, why haven’t I heard from you? The express came and went. 
Would You please fax me a letter When the things I need are sent.

By Charlene

Spinning Wheels

Spinning wheels around and around.
Trying one thing, then the next.
Nothing works, nothing changes.
But around and around our wheels keep spinning.

Maybe if we go here, or maybe there.
Maybe if we try this , or maybe that.
Nothing works, nothing changes.
But still we keep the wheels spinning.

We are determined to try every thing we can.
Asking this person and then the next.
Nothing works, nothing changes
But the wheels keep spinning.

Only when we run out of options 
Do we look to God for help.
Then suddenly something works and something changes.
And now we can stop our wheels from spinning.

Why do we keep relying on our own wisdom
When God is here ready to guide us?
Why do we run around trying everything under the sun
When God knew the answer all along?

Nothing is wrong with trying this and that
And seeking all our options.
But why not go through it with God’s guiding hand
Instead of helplessly spinning our wheels around and around.

by Charlene

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