It’s February!

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Oh oh,  It's February already!  Where did January go?  Well Happy Belated New Years

New Year? It doesn’t seem like a new year. Everything’s the same. All the old problems and difficulties just carry over into the next year. The only thing that changes is a number. Why do we celebrate the day the year changes? Is it relief that a difficult year is gone and the belief that everything will be better in the new year? I suppose it gives a sense of new beginnings, new hope; but nothing will change unless we make it change. How about those New Years Resolutions? Did you make any? Are they still working? I don’t make them any more. It’s too discouraging when they fall apart. My hope is not in a year; it’s in my God Who never changes no matter what the year.

My prayer is that people will put there hope in the unchangeable God and not in the whims of this unstable world. God is in control so I’ll put my trust in Him.

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