Love Was Born

In a manger, in a cave for animals, Love was born.
In the insignificant town of Bethlehem, Love was born.
The only witnesses to this miraculous event
 were the animals there and his human parents.

God is Love and created us to love Him.
But Adam and Eve rejected His way and chose sin.
He gave man the freedom to choose His way
And He still makes that offer today.

Throughout Scripture God unveiled His plan.
To come to earth humbly as a human.
But man didn’t understand 
And were looking for a King to take command

God’s plan was the only way so Jesus came 
as the perfect Sacrificial Lamb, God-made-Man.
He left the glories of heaven knowing the cost
To pay the price to ransom the lost.

We cannot understand the depth of this love. 
And why He chooses us to love.
From the beginning and still to this day.
God offers His love and His perfect plan to be saved.

So on this Christmas day
Remember Love was born to show us the way.
Through our Lord Jesus and the ransom He paid
We will find the Love that was born that day. 

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