Being a Vessel

In the Bible God refers to us as clay that He, the Potter, can form into a vessel. I want to become that vessel. The process is not easy and we often balk at being changed but think how wonderful it would be to be used by God to minister to others.

Lump of Clay

by Charlene
With a vision in mind the Potter searches for a lump of clay 
to be molded into a useful vessel that day.
As the wheel spins his hands work intently 
squeezing and pressing with increasing intensity.
The once formless lump begins to stretch and smooth
following the way the skillful hands move.
Slowly and firmly the process goes on
Until the clay resembles the potter’s vision.
And when it is finished the potter is pleased with the useful vessel he sees.
Now it will fill the purpose for which it was created
bringing joy to the potter and to those intended.
But consider what would happen if the clay complained. 
Saying the pressure was too great and refusing to be changed.
The potter's vision would remain the same.
But in senseless struggle the lump would finally be rearranged.
Precious time would be lost as the battle ensues
leaving little time for the vessel to be used.
But the clay cannot complain and so yields readily. 
The transforming work goes on steadily.
God is the Potter who seeks to mold our lives
	and searches for that lump of clay that will comply.
His vision for us is to be useful and to become
 transformed into the image of His Son.
But too often we balk and squirm under the pressure
showing little faith in the skill of the Potter. 
May we as the clay yield to His Hands
 and trust in the fulfillment of His plans.


  • Isaiah 64:8
  • Jeremiah 18:6
  • Romans 9:21

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3 thoughts on “Being a Vessel

  1. Reblogged this on Devotional Treasures and commented:
    I found this sister, Charlene Anderson, who has not long begun her devotional writing journey on WordPress. I can recognise with her calling to share with others that God has given her. I particularly love this poem which speaks to me of my own walk with God. I commend sister Charlene to you brethren!

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