As we come to Thanksgiving Day I’m reminded of the privilege we have to pray and give thanks for God’s blessings. If we accepted Jesus as our Lord we become a child of God. Scripture says God desires to hear from us and receive our love and praise. He is our Father. Some people have a hard time relating to God as their Father because they did not have a good example in their earthly fathers. I learned to imagine what a perfect father would be for God is a perfect Father; perfect in every way.

In My Father’s Presence

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How thankful I am to be able to be 
in the presence of my Father to present my plea.
Only through Jesus' sacrifice do we have this right
To enter God's throne room any day or night.
He's always there ready to hear 
my hopes, desires, my love and my fears.
So help me Aba to always be thankful
for the awesome time I have to be with You

Scripture References:

  • Abba- Romans 8:15, Gal 4:6
  • Throne- Heb 4:16
  • Prayer- Mat 21:22

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