When You’re Feeling Bad

I wrote this poem several years ago when I was feeling down one time. I learned that God is the only One Who can free us from these heavy feelings.

Despair No More

by Charlene

Despair envelopes us like a dark and gloomy cloud.
it causes us to turn inside, no joy or peace allowed.
There is no light within it's grip, no wisdom and no love.
It speaks of dark and heavy things.
Our spirit covered in it's shroud.

But if we look beyond the cloud.
Move out from it's oppressive hold
We will find the light we seek and love to behold.
There will our Savior be with arms opened wide.
Ready to enfold us in His love to abide.

He knows the depths despair can take us.
He knows the pain we feel.
He waits for us to call on Him so His light can be revealed.

Despair cannot survive in the presence of His light.
Despair cannot hold us when He is in sight.
So when we fall victim to it's sinister clutch,
Remember the cloud will vanish with the Savior's touch

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