Family Woes

Here’s a thought for you to consider.

Recently family problems have come up in church for prayer. I wrote this poem years ago so I shared it with the Ladies Prayer group and it seemed to minister to them. I share it now in the hopes it will help someone out there in cyber land going through similar difficulties.

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Family Woes We can’t ignore them, Cause they’re always there. We can’t forget them, Cause we care. We can’t cure them no matter how hard we travail. Cause only those within them can prevail. So what to do when the woes beset us? Get all tangled in the midst of the fuss? Or should we stand back and consider our intentions, Taking heed not to become a part of the contentions. When the storms rage around us, Is it not better to be found Firmly grounded and emotionally sound? Easier said then done, you say? But I know the One Who can show the way. In the midst of the storm He stood His ground, Putting faith in His Father to Whom He was bound. We, too, can have this faith in our Father, Standing firm on our grounds as His son or His daughter. So don’t rush to become entwined in the Family woes around us. But first seek the help of the One Who can guide us

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